100% Soy Wax Candles in Recycled, Reused and Repurposed Glass Containers

Signature Candles

Signature Candles

The New & Improved 2Wards Candle, we now have 2 options, Black &... 

Fragrance Sprays

Fragrance Sprays

2 oz of our signature fragrances. 

Specialty Candles

  • Unique Custom Signature Scents

    Cowboy Chic

    Amber Woods

    Spiked Cucumber Water


    Leather Rosewood

    Heavenly Sage

  • About Us

    During lockdown…we were looking for things to do. We decided to try and make candles. We were having so much fun we started giving them away as gifts. One day, one of our friends asked if she could buy some. We thought you want to buy our candles, sure! From there we started perfecting our process and decided to create a website to sell them. 100% Soy candles. Made with recycled, reused or repurposed glass containers. Unique custom one of a kind fragrances. A family owned company (brother & sister).

  • Candles are Made to Order

    Orders can take up to 1 -2 weeks to ship